Nine Princes of the Universe!

(aka… a little, fluffy, fandom post)

I had this whole post planned for today discussing the lunatic fringe of our little subculture today… but then it was all rainy and unpleasant out and I thought… why not something pleasant instead. So – here’s my dreamy fan-casting for the Amber movie(s) that will never be. Also, I’m not starting with Corwin. You’ll just have to read on. Oh, and there are some spoiler-y things in here so, if you haven’t read Amber yet – then… Go do that instead of reading this post.


Honestly, one of my favorite Amberites, we have a perfect Gerard out there right now in the form of… Joe Mangiello. He’s big, pretty, and a little wild-eyed. Also, apparently, something of a geek.


Julian 89409a4f09729f606d1975684148ce4b

Another of my favorite Amberites. I know Corwin doesn’t like him much but really, he’s such an excellent foil for the norms of the Amberite family… You just can’t help but wonder at the depths which led him to the existence he chose. Daniel Gillies has the dry humor and seriousness to make this character work.




Caine divcawqwsaar7xg

How does one define Caine? Pirate, shapeshifter, outsider…  Diego Luna has a really good look for the part, and can’t you just see him in a jaunty hat, making Corwin’s life hard with a sly smile on his face?


Bleys 26qanda-superjumbo

Stay with me folks. I know some might see this as a stretch but I, for one, would think Chris Hemsworth would make a spectacular Bleys. He’s funny, charming, and believable as a larger-than-life Amberite.


Brand james-mcavoy-top-10-most-hottest-hollywood-men-in-their-30s

This one might feel a bit on-the-nose but James McAvoy is a great choice for Brand. We know he can be charming and creepy in turn and he’s believable as a man who has a lot of secrets.



Random is the little guy in the family, the sneak, the gambler. But he’s still a prince of Amber and a warrior. Corwin takes him seriously. He becomes a huge part of the story and he also has to be believable as a leader. And I think Chris Pine fits the role perfectly.



Dour, terrifying, the one Amberite that all other Amberites are afraid of. Well, almost… but still. This is a man who fights wars for practice. This is a man whose priorities are always… his own. I think Mads Mikkelsen would embody Benedict in a way that would be truly memorable.



One of my favorite actors – he always seems to be having so much fun – and he was amazing in Dredd. I think Karl Urban would make a perfect Eric.


Corwin justified-4

Ah, Corwin… Our self-proclaimed hero, our unreliable narrator. He’s the man who must be the eyes and ears of the audience and help us understand Amber and all its oddities while also pushing for his own goals. Corwin is by turns many things and works to make us believe he is a better man by the end of the story. He’s a little older now, but I still think that Timothy Olyphant would make a fine Corwin.


So – that’s my fan casting for the Princes. I’ll follow this up with post about the Princesses and a few of the secondary characters. But before I go, one bonus character.

Ganelon image

One of the most important men in Corwin’s story. For a lot of reasons. But he’s got gravity. This is a man who lived a bandit’s life, a thief’s life, a fighter, and eventually, a leader. He has to bring strength to the role in just his presence, and Iain Glen would be perfect for such a role.

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