Fallout RPG: Welp.

So, I’ve gotten my notification that I’ll be receiving my Fallout RPG stuff on Monday. It will be nice to get the items I ordered. And the PDF version of the book is now for sale on Drive Thru RPG. I have not received an update to my PDF – and I’m not spending another $21.00 to get the DTRPG version – but I’m guessing that my hope of the book being significantly different from the version I got back in April is… probably not a reality.

Realistically, I knew this. The timing of printing and all the logistics of the release – coupled with them not calling it a beta or playtest or anything – led to the conclusion that this was what we were getting. But it’s disappointing. The book, as I’ve previously written about it deeply flawed at a basic level. The book is also full of decisions that I – as a player and GM – am not happy with.

From tables that are just missing entries to mechanics that are vague, wildly inconsistent, and just plain odd; the game is a significant let down. Fallout is one of my favorite franchises, but I find myself increasingly disinterested in the game as it stands with Modiphius. Wasteland Warfare is – not – a very good minis skirmish game. Fallout tabletop RPG is not a very good RPG – for a lot of reasons.

But I’m going to keep this short today. Basically, this is just me saying that, “Hey, I’m getting my book for real on Monday and then I’ll give it a good, thorough read through, see if they made any changes, and then dive into the meat and bones of an actual, full, (opinionated) review.

But if the game is going to require me to rewrite almost all of it’s fundamental systems to be happy with it… then it probably isn’t worth continuing to play.

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